Colorida Art Gallery, located in the Castelo de São Jorge neighborhood of Lisbon,  opens 2017 with a array of contemporary art from Europe and around the world.  The show features four (4) international artists working in digital and traditional medium.  It is part of Colorida’s ongoing series of emerging abstract artists.

José Roberto Moreira, curator at the gallery, describes the pieces as follows:  “The work of the American artist R S Kagan floats like a cloud, with diffuse materiality and always in movement. It is in the ability to record abstract forms, imperceptible to some, but filled with narratives, that lies the art of Mr. Kagan. The artist makes use of aesthetic elements that advance in different ways.  They break apart, expand, spread over surfaces, unfold, and overlap.  These forces contribute to sense of movement.”

The show runs through February 2017.