I have always been fascinated by the nature of change and how it plays out in our daily lives.

We see our own temporality when we wake up each morning and look groggily into the mirror. And we see its unsettling effects around us in the seasons, weather, and landscapes.

I work in digital inks and photographic textures, as a way to explore transitions, evolutions and rebirths. All of these are manifestations of underlying forces of change. My pieces focus on its different personalities.  Change is not single abstract entity, but rather more like a dysfunctional family, one composed of loosely-connected manifestations, each with its own unique way of arriving unannounced, moping around, slinking to the background or suddenly demanding everyone’s attention.

In some way we all live with this family. What better way to understand our common lineage than with portraits of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) relatives.